Taxi services in the Principality of Monaco

Monegasque Law no. 1720 of 4 July 2008 provides that all categories of transportation of individuals by non-Monegasque carriers (taxi drivers and vehicle hire with driver) require a specific authorisation to transport individuals from the relevant Monegasque agencies.

This authorisation request (based on the envisaged form) must be accompanied by the driving license and sent, allowing sufficient time for processing, to:

Furthermore, as provided by the Arrêté Ministériel no. 2014-331 of 16 June 2014 published on the Bulletin Officiel de Monaco, effective 1 July 2014, taxi drivers intending to transport individuals within the Principality will be subject to a new fee of the following amount:

– For 2014 (from July to December): EUR 800.00

– From 2015 (full year): EUR 1,800.00

– For the Grand Prix: EUR 720.00