Taxation in the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is included in the blacklist countries mentioned in Italian Ministerial Decree of 4 May 1999, hence, there is an obligation to inform the financial authorities regarding:

all sales of goods and provision of services between Italian taxable entities and economic operators with registered office, residence or domicile in Monaco (Art. 1 of Italian Law Decree no. 40/2010).

For VAT purposes, through a customs agreement in force between France and Monaco, value-added tax shall apply in the Principality to the same transactions and at the same rate envisaged in French law.

Taxation of companies in the Principality of Monaco is governed by the Code des Taxes sur le Chiffre d’Affaires.

France Impresa assists companies in the Principality of Monaco, handling all tax obligations and formalities envisaged in Monegasque law.