Welcome to France Impresa

France Impresa is a firm specialising in French taxation and intra-EC transactions with France and the Principality of Monaco. We assist EU and non-EU companies that seek to enter these markets without opening a permanent establishment in France by offering a variety of services and activities, namely:

  • FRANCE IMPRESA VAT SERVICES SARL located in Nice, 37/41 Blvd Dubouchage
  • Tax agent for EU businesses, tax representative for non-EU companies, representative for employee secondment in France. Assist businesses in all VAT identification paperwork in France and Monaco, manages liquidation and payment of French and Monegasque VAT, French and Monegasque bookkeeping, French VAT recovery claims, submit French DEB/DES Intrastat forms, represent the business before tax authorities and the French Labour Inspectorate. All services are managed internally and in cooperation with the Italian consultants of the businesses that require the services.
  • FRANCE IMPRESA located in Ventimiglia, Via Tenda 4/A
  • Business sector consultancy. In collaboration with agencies, businesses, professional firms, insurance companies, Bureaux de Controle, and professional bodies in France and the Principality of Monaco, FRANCE IMPRESA offers a full range of support on all French legislative requirements and European Community Directives in the areas of taxation, customs, employment relationships, construction insurance, construction site security, legal matters, trade unions, requests for quality certification, globalisation, professional skills development, and customised assistance in French.

Contact us to open a business in France and the Principality of Monaco, open a French/Monegasque VAT number, tax representation, employee secondments in France, and take advantage of our targeted and personalised services.

Per il distacco dipendenti in Francia e Principato di Monaco, visita il nostro sito www.franceimpresaworkers.com